Cardi B - Be Careful [SNL Performance]

Cardi B

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    Cardi B - Be Careful [live on Saturday Night Live]

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    1. Devica Venec11

      Woow,slow down ,I could get a heartattack.Be carefull,its a real fantazy ,this song,from A to Z.And Cardi B is like an angel,but hurt angel,just talking about her styling...respect

    2. Mighty Michael

      She's not just a rapper, she's a true artist. This energy... omg, I felt it

    3. Whistle *

      My exact vibe right now

    4. Lin Ero

      I love love the floor

    5. Natalie Larkins

      Goofy girl letting this lame ass dude hit it raw after cheating multiple times. That's some clown shit.

    6. Octavia Keorels



      this made me cry

    8. Khaydn Adams

      u can tell that 2nd verse rly spoke to her

    9. Mar Kinney


    10. Siscat Bccfg

      The best song

    11. Naina Mist

      Be carefull offset

    12. Ayesha jahir

      ik cardi is lit but who is the background singer her vocal is sooo good what is her name

    13. Ryn Ayaun

      You can kinda see her hand shaking 🥺

    14. alex hart

      Cardi looking good

    15. candance foster

      🔥 fire.

    16. Adaora Ruth

      I love you cardi this song made me emotion

    17. Keeva Savage

      Who's here when she is pregnant with her 2nd child

    18. Obéy Ariana

      Man the emotion in her voice when she said "you even got me tripping, you got me lookin in the mirror different, thinking I'm flawed cause you're inconsistent" dama. I honestly hope I never know what it feels like to be betrayed in a relationship.

    19. Vox Nihili

      Thank u for this song.

    20. Danielle


    21. Desiree Gallegos

      0:48 is where it started

    22. Odell Darlington

      Welp...she is pregnant for him again. I can't make this up.

    23. HVKHQS 9QH

      who came here after her pregnant performed in BET :D :D :D

    24. zoey lekgothoane.

      You can really hear how nervous she sounded in the beginning but then that nervousness turned into pain , offset really hurt her and you could hear it in her voice , this is one of the best songs but it isn’t overrated that much like her other songs.. this came up on my recommended after Chadwick’s passing.. wakanda forever!❤️

    25. poiuytrewq995

      this song and performance are really powerful

    26. Chloe Sheler

      RIP Chadwick Bosewick 😞

    27. Darrell Tyler

      Who here now she pregnant in 2021 showing how she show both her stomach to tell people she pregnant during performance

    28. Isaiah

      Who's here after she revealed that she is pregnant again?

    29. April Jones

      Who's watching after Cardi's BIG reveal at the BET Awards... Love it!!! 🖤

    30. Lauryana

      i love how this was recommended to me after she revealed baby number 2

    31. Shania Holloway

      Who’s watching this after she announced baby #2💗

    32. Bardimoney

      And now we have baby #2

    33. KyLoL

      Who’s here after cardi just announced her 2nd child similar to this

    34. Shai J

      Who’s here after she announced she was pregnant again 🥰

    35. Patreon Kim

      And now she's pregnant again!!! congrats CARDI B!!

    36. Rachel Kang

      queen of revealing pregnancies in live performances

    37. Princess Motodi

      Now she is going to have baby no.2

    38. Lexi Brandi

      Here after she announced her second pregnancy with Offset lol

    39. MzBhad Axz

      She did it again ❤️.

    40. Zheanne Rose Llabore

      Everyone be telling Cardi to divorce with Offset, but now she's pregnant with her 2nd child, smh

    41. theonlymelixx X

      I’m here bc she revealed her 2nd baby on the bet awards 😩

    42. Meredith

      Who came here after Cardi announces her second pregnancy on Bet Awards?! Time flies so fast, Im soo proud of her..😭

      1. Jasica Khatri

        Yup me too

      2. Derrick Burnside


      3. Meredith

        She’s queen

      4. Madisyn Sanders

        Me bc I called this second pregnancy when she performed WAP with Megan

      5. Ana Marie

        i thought i was the only one😭😍💞

    43. Yahaira Lira

      Now she’s pregnant with baby #2 🥺

    44. Alejandra

      Who’s here after she announced her 2nd pregnancy 🤰🏻?

    45. ℝ𝕚𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕟𝕒 𝔹𝕪𝕟𝕦𝕞

      Congrats cardi with baby #2

    46. Liana

      who’s here after her 2nd pregnancy announcement at the BET awards?! she announced both pregnancies on live tv go her 😌🙏🏻

      1. Linsya


      2. Life With Mya


      3. King


      4. debra martinez


      5. Khetsiwe Charity

        Exactly me.

    47. Karla reyes

      Nuevamente embarazada otra ves 💖🥰🥺✨

    48. Trinity Bailey

      here after finding out she pregnant again

    49. Taherah King

      Who’s here after cardi announced her second pregnancy?

    50. Omal Jamal

      Lolololove you 😍😍😍😘

    51. Shanchu Panda

      everyone saying about the pain in her voice. bruuhhhh? Pain? She sounds shit everytime!

    52. Tee Lengau

      3 years later and I'm still watching this❤️

    53. Joseph Basurto

      One of the best songs she ever made

    54. Kakashi Hatake

      Whoever made this beat needs an award

    55. QueenKobraXX

      So is it ok to cuss in Spanish on tv just not in English now... Lol... This gurl! I wasn't a fan until I heard this song and then sent it to my ex lol. Her and I see eye to eye on this topic.

    56. Smhh♥

      God loves you guys

    57. Leo and coco pugs

      This one made sense 💯

    58. Caroline Cunningham

      I loved this moment

    59. misses elise

      i love how most of the comments are like “cardi and offset got divorced isn’t that ironic” but they’re not getting divorced

    60. Anthony Alvarado

      Se ve demaciado hermosa que fina Cardii !! buena letra excelente canción 👏🤎 saludos de Costa Rica 🇨🇷

    61. Rock Star

      There’s a lot of power here. Obviously she’s raw about Offset and she’s channeling that through her work-letting herself be raw. That’s what artists do. She looks beautiful with that pregnant belly, too. Love

    62. Selleh Njie

      Wow it’s sad seeing Chadwick In videos now 0:06

    63. thatssopookie

      The energy in that room that night 🥺

    64. Johhrelle Delossantos

      I'm Filipino but I can understand Spanish cursed hahahahha

    65. fffancy 03

      this is touching

    66. Mr.Manniquin

      This girl worked so hard !! THIS IS WHY CARDI IS THE QUEEN 👑😍

    67. Chef SK


    68. Océane Giroux

      she sang with the heart❤

    69. Noemi Armas

      Once again Ava Max sweet but Psycho

    70. Rushelly Frances

      She sang from her heart

    71. Mignon Primer

      I love Chadwick boseman and cardi b

    72. Rasheade Francis

      Not bad


      CARDI B!!💚💜💛💙❤️................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    74. Shakira Bryant

      Go Cardi!

    75. drop out of school I didn't graduate

      You cannot say "putas" either, darling

    76. bree anderson


    77. O Magnifico

      Oh my god, I can't help I'm so fascinated by this song she is a good rapper no doubt

    78. Hayden V

      Rip ChadWick Boseman


      No, the back up singer was a prop. That was Cardi singing that part too. The backup singer was lip syncing.

    80. ms.whatever

      She rapping about Offset.She wrote that shyt from the heart.i like the song!

    81. Pinnokkio The Rapper PRODUCTIONS

      Wow this song is powerful. Be careful.

    82. Shawty got wits

      RIP boseman


      Awesome!!!! Ms. Cardi.. YOu Did That!... Thank you for sharing....Peace!

    84. Bee Bee

      That background singer was auditioning I don't care what nobody says. 😂

    85. Борислав Борисов

      Producer : So how autotune you need? Cardi:Excuse me, okurrr


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    92. Leah Mason

      u know if yal hit the like button it will turn blue:)

    93. Jasmine Pina

      I wish I had found this music 3 years ago it would have been so much healing

    94. hayes coins


    95. Gia Davis

      You can tell she wanted to cry so bad but she kept that shit in🙌🙌👏

    96. Leiale123 Minor

      You might have a fortune but you lose me you still gonna be misfortunate . When she said that she meant the truth through right now what’s going on I bet you she doesn’t even know what’s going to happen during the future Cardi B is a great artist she wrote this for a reason and it Hass to be a message so Don’t shame her she’s going through a lot even in the future even in 2021 even in 2023

    97. Em Rose


    98. Em Rose


    99. Jenniffer Jarquín Hernández


      1. Irfan Haikal


    100. Erika Richardson

      Go Listen to Ex-girlfriend by my Method Man sexy ass, if you're a fan you know the reference instantly