Cardi B - Up [Official Music Video]

Cardi B

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    Cardi B - Up
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    Atlantic Records
    Commissioner: Kareem Johnson / OverScene LLC
    SVP / Head of Marketing: Marsha St. Hubert
    Video Operations for Atlantic Records: Lily Thrall
    Prod Co: UnderWonder Content
    Director: Tanu Muino
    Exec Producer: Frank Borin & Ivanna Borin
    Producer: Tay Hawes
    Director of Photography: Nikita Kuzmenko
    Production Designer: Brandon Mendez
    1st AD: Jonas Morales
    Editor: Vinnie Hobbs
    Color: Dave Hussey
    Beauty/VFX: Max Colt
    Choreography: Sean Bankhead
    Styling: Kollin Carter
    Hair: Tokyo Stylez
    Makeup: Erika LaPearl
    Nails: Marie Nailz


    1. Windsor Beck

      Who is still listening to this 👇

    2. Taset Benhaggag


    3. Taset Benhaggag


    4. Cour Sandi

      Susan B Anthony would be so proud.

    5. ardi ansyah

      selling rap song

    6. InUtero

      how can a person with 17.5 million followers do such SHIT music lmaooo... what a disgrace to the rap scene

    7. RogueRenegade

      Ah yes this is advertiser friendly.

    8. Gezzell Sabina

      You sold your soul to the Devil

    9. Juan Oro-Barcenas

      Summerslam 2021

    10. Jozef Van talfah

      This song is terrible and now they use it on wwe summerslam pay per view especially when the great even holds a match between Roman reigns vs John cena

    11. harry callahan

      Where'd the house and balloons at?

    12. miraculos as aventuras de ladybug

      you are so precious

    13. Oyindamola Adebayo

      Doesn’t 2:18 - 2:22 look like the dance from BTS Permission to Dance?!!! 😅 👀 😭🔥

      1. Shanaya And you


    14. daniela


    15. Emili daniela Torres gomez

      Amo y admiro a esta mujer siempre cardi B ❤

    16. janekelly rodrigues

      What what what 🤨🤨🤮

    17. Tatenda Mango


    18. Reggie Wolfpac

      WWE Summerslam theme song.

    19. deepa joshi

      This MV would cross 1B if people didn't removed it from watch history 😂

    20. Kiwi Kiwi

      Wait, this ain't Up directed by Pete Docter-

    21. Stephanie George

      I think the universe sent me to these verses today; exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Cardi for being here & for the mood lift this music is blessing me with *deep bow

    22. Italo Matias

      Daaamn they thicc , and the song is adicctive

      1. Shanaya And you

        Kinda song 😅

      2. Shanaya And you

        Yup its my guilty pleasure 😭😂

    23. Pirate deck Andry White!

    24. Soos

      IT IS (HELL) waiting for you UP 👌👌👌

    25. canal 1 juninho 😂

      Não vou falar nada inglês pq ela não sabe português eu acho q não tem como traduzir tbm

    26. Targaryen

      Diz Beyonce half time show.



    28. Targaryen

      Burn downtown...iz Lit yo

    29. qutoobe

      Tim Dillon's rant on Austin, TX brought me here.......I see it all now.....

    30. Sam Sabino

      I wonder what Carl from "UP" would think about Cardi’s twerking representation of the Disney movie masterpiece

    31. 𓆩نفًسًــــــــيهہ𓆪

      قرف ×قرف🤘🏼💔

    32. Carl Talavera


    33. Ana Lopez

      I want you

    34. Kimomi Chan

      Me:oh hey how was the movie up? Timmy:oh it was wild... especially that one twerking lady

    35. Skai games

      But still love u cardi😍😘

    36. Astrayy

      Bruh, it's this simple. If it's up then it's up 😐😂

    37. Targaryen

      Dah light iz comn...

    38. ardi ansyah

      up up up up up

    39. i

      im broke tho :(

    40. doncarleone334

      I guess

    41. Jess Caleb Yliniemi


    42. SamX

      This is'nt rap

    43. Jonathan Moore

      I would like receipts in the form video of footage that they shot the pyramid dance sequence in 10 second intervals, following the COVID restrictions. Kudos if they did whatever if they didn’t I just couldn’t see it.

    44. Brooklyn_rose100

      the dolls I can't 😂😂😂

    45. Beans and cheese man

      This isn’t clips of up

    46. Gabriel Thaylon


    47. THEVIPER AK47

      Summer slam theme song

    48. hhs4184

      holly fuck

    49. Marijke Stoll

      Up > WAP

    50. Scarlet Johnson

      Damn I like that white dress flying

    51. jme. _ze.

      YASS QUEEN 👑👑

    52. Jen Winters

      Cardio is fire♥️

    53. Ryan Kinney

      I hate that 5 year olds want to watch the movie but they get scarred for life after this just wanting to watch the movie

    54. Football Force

      bro the people who search this looking for the movie r screwed

    55. Adada Didi

      As Ariana once said, "Trash".

      1. Adada Didi

        @THE VILLAIN True 🤣🤣

      2. THE VILLAIN

        ariana is trash. lol

    56. Mar Kinney

      Best selling rap song of the year

    57. Revathi Swami

      I love cardi ❤️ love from India ❤️

    58. Targaryen

      There u go.

    59. ☆bear☆

      We’re playing this my my sis African bday party XD

    60. Men Oʻzbek Oʻgʻloniman

      Mazza qilib eshitadigan qoʻshiq ekan 🇺🇿♥️

    61. Alicia’s

      It’s 2am how tf did I even ended up there😟😟

    62. Targaryen

      Im ♒

    63. Targaryen

      And Stuck huh

    64. Amir Mouhamman salissou

      🥰🥰😍😍🤩 big back bussin out ...

    65. Logan’s Life


      1. Logan’s Life

        That's when the song starts

      2. Saksham Chhajed

        what ?

      3. ♥︎ItzJustLizzya❦︎


    66. Jairo Alcalá

      La mejor canción de todas

    67. Marie Harper

      All the queens out here doing their Thang! I don't see why the clowns have to keep comparing women against each other. They all have their own lane they're riding.

    68. sofia JABRANE

      Cardi you are lgbt

      1. Mar Kinney

        Yes bisexual

    69. Mar Kinney

      Watch Bodak Yellow btchez

    70. Julianne


    71. Kona Noor

      1 minute of silence for the kids who thoughts it is the movie up🙂

    72. Taasin Abedin

      Is Cardi a dommie? She's stood for a while right on the guy's private parts at 0:01. 👿😋

    73. Sanjay


    74. Kitty Smith

      She feels no shame at all. If there's two I would let him train

    75. Mansta Shorts

      She stays consistent ❤️

    76. Asheriyana

      Change the Playback Speed into 12.5x and it's Become Amazing

    77. fortune Musingi

      A very bad song

      1. tae tae hate

        Is Nicki Song

      2. Mar Kinney

        Is not this

    78. Lois Lao

      I felt the and it's up and it's stuck... No seriously I'm at the cr crying I didn't need this in my recommendations 😭

    79. שלגשלג άνδρας

      Coy uni mliw warped aid entry loos narcissist.. There's a code.. Good luck for a false brain like you

    80. Bacardi Andretti


    81. Cee cee

      Keep Streaming " Bodak Yellow " we bout to read that as 1billion views it's at 999 million, 1 million views is left for 1billion views!!

    82. Jay

      why is cardi kissing a girl anyone asnwer

      1. Mar Kinney

        She’s bisexual

    83. Lincoln Logs for Leeches

      Ngl, I kind of like the radio edit more.

    84. PSummer Coar

      This my song!

    85. ollipollii1

      30 years ago, this would've been something like

    86. Senpai Retro



      Weird .

    88. Adrii Soares

      Oh a Christian music😍

    89. Amin C. Maguindanao

      I was just giving then: 1:08 and 1:11

      1. ollipollii1

        Here's one Hesus for u

    90. Eloïse

      i love you cardi bet your daughter and so cute

    91. Joy Joy

      Eco-Friendly- Green Deeds LLC

    92. Mar Kinney

      Less than 25M views left

    93. Build a Bardi 😈🦄

      Nicki can't have hits like this!

      1. Sandy Cheeks

        @city racks Nicki has way more songs

      2. city rats

        she has more top 10 entries than cardi lol