Cardi B - Be Careful [Official Video]

Cardi B

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    Cardi B - Be Careful [Official Video]

    The Debut album, Invasion of Privacy, out now!

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    Director - Jora Frantzis
    Video Commissioner/VP Video Production - Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop
    Associate Director, Video Administration - Lily F Thrall
    Assistant, Video Production - Trevor Joseph Newton

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    1. Crybaby Lover

      Nah this after a break up !!!

    2. Timmy Collins

      Need to sit her as down.

    3. Tinky's World

      here before the tiktok barbs 💀

    4. Diva Life Has kids

      When she say get married it made me remember I said I don't want to get married don't get married ladies it's just going to ruin your life if you like my comments please like my GEproms videos

    5. Diva Life Has kids

      Cardi B plays the most best songs but this song is really good I know half of this lyrics if you listen to this song three times it's going to make you understand what she's actually trying to say

    6. Rushni Baron

      Who else is listening to this song rn ?

      1. 👾XxKīñgXx 👾

        @Rushni Baron oh cool! You got Snapchat?

      2. Rushni Baron

        @👾XxKīñgXx 👾 I’m good lol

      3. 👾XxKīñgXx 👾

        @Rushni Baron heyyy! How you doing!

      4. Rushni Baron

        @👾XxKīñgXx 👾 HEYY :)

      5. 👾XxKīñgXx 👾

        Me lol

    7. Mia Mello

      Yeah Be careful, be careful, be careful with me Yeah, look I wanna get married, like the Currys, Steph and Ayesha shit But we more like Belly, Tommy and Keisha shit Gave you TLC, you wanna creep and shit Poured out my whole heart to a piece of shit Man, I thought you would've learned your lesson 'Bout likin' pictures, not returnin' texts I guess it's fine, man, I get the message You still stutter after certain questions You keep in contact with certain exes Do you, though, trust me, nigga, it's cool, though Said that you was workin', but you're out here chasin' culo And putas, chillin' poolside, livin' two lives I could've did what you did to me to you a few times But if I did decide to slide, find a nigga Fuck him, suck his dick, you would've been pissed But that's not my M.O., I'm not that type of bitch And karma for you is gon' be who you end up with Don't make me sick, nigga The only man, baby, I adore I gave you everything, what's mine is yours I want you to live your life of course But I hope you get what you dyin' for Be careful with me, do you know what you doin'? Whose feelings that you hurtin' and bruisin'? You gon' gain the whole world But is it worth the girl that you're losin'? Be careful with me Yeah, it's not a threat, it's a warnin' Be careful with me Yeah, my heart is like a package with a fragile label on it Be careful with me Care for me, care for me Always said that you'd be there for me, there for me Boy, you better treat me carefully, carefully, look I was here before all of this Guess you actin' out now, you got an audience Tell me where your mind is, drop a pin, what's the coordinates? You might have a fortune, but you lose me, you still gon' be misfortunate, nigga Tell me, this love's got you this fucked up in the head You want some random bitch up in your bed? She don't even know your middle name, watch her 'cause she might steal your chain You don't want someone who loves you instead? I guess not though It's blatant disrespect, you nothin' like the nigga I met Talk to me crazy and you quick to forget You even got me trippin', you got me lookin' in the mirror different Thinkin' I'm flawed because you inconsistent Between a rock and a hard place, the mud and the dirt It's gon' hurt me to hate you, but lovin' you's worse It all stops so abrupt, we start switchin' it up Teach me to be like you so I can not give a fuck Free to mess with someone else, I wish these feelings could melt 'Cause you don't care about a thing except your mothafuckin' self You make me sick, nigga The only man, baby, I adore I gave you everything, what's mine is yours I want you to live your life of course But I hope you get what you dyin' for Be careful with me, do you know what you doin'? Whose feelings that you're hurtin' and bruisin'? You gon' gain the whole world But is it worth the girl that you're losin'? Be careful with me Yeah, it's not a threat, it's a warnin' Be careful with me Yeah, my heart is like a package with a fragile label on it Be careful with me

    8. Wood

      My fav song by her

    9. Lumka Luthuli

      If you still hear in 2021 YOUR A LEGEND 🙌🏽

    10. d4rk knight

      I love Nicki Minaj with all my heart, but Cardi b with this song make me like her a little bit

      1. Jafet 19

        I love this song

    11. wfdef defs

      Yes! Her best!

    12. Michelle Summer

      This is probably the most lyrical I've heard from her

      1. Jafet 19

        Get up 10 too

    13. Anastasia

      Man are useful Girl you are right omg I seen that now

    14. beeverhausen anastasia

      I will play this song at my ex funeral....before I kick over the casket

    15. Random user


    16. Gabrielle Moody


    17. Georgia Emsley

      BARDI GANG!! IOP is at #142 on billboard, keep streaming!! Spending its 172nd week on chart.

    18. Georgia Emsley


    19. Aslam Shaikh

      Wtf is this song

    20. Gabby’s world 😻

      Can’t stop listening to this the words be hitting bruh

    21. Myrna Pinkney Briscoe

      I love the lyrics this song as 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    22. Tiffany Dennis

      Who's here because they want a nigga hear this 🙃😈

    23. Seleste Washington-Mennen

      This is the song that made me a fan

    24. Jyothish Krishna J

      I can't believe, that Cadi said that this is her lowest selling song!!!!

    25. Ruthie Martinez


    26. I

      i might be a barb but i love this song sm

    27. miryam c

      okay but has anyone noticed that this is the church from kill bill 👀

    28. El Burgos

      ...who you end up with.

    29. Steffie Faevabless

      This is my go to song everytime my dude got me feeling a type a way. Always feel better afterwards 😌 🔥🔥🔥

    30. Stephanie George

      Christ, "It's gunna hurt me to hate you but loving you is worse". So well put & relatable.

    31. taylor

      actin like she know how to drive

    32. Nadine Canning


    33. Alicia Subasingh


    34. Evelyn Joelyn

      Damn…. never liked her songs, but this is straight fire.. spitting real lyrics .

    35. Avory Richardson

      Cardi’s best song.. either this or that Bruno Mars song she’s on but that’s more his shit

    36. Jay

      Wow I would’ve never thought this would be nostalgic this quick wtf😭

    37. Bailey Mckinnis

      Don’t fall in love at a young age it’s dangerous asf stay in school stay grinding on yo shit I hope you had a great day!

    38. Bailey Mckinnis

      Listen to it now at 12 years old I understand ☹️

    39. Alex Z

      Why no one ever liked this one

    40. Georgia Emsley

      BARDI GANG!! IOP is spending its 171th week on billboard, it’s at #133, last week it was #125, keep streaming!!

    41. Georgia Emsley


    42. leydyday brito


    43. T CC

      There’s no other songs that perfectly says- you are dead to me for fucking me over like this.

    44. Destyni Zepeda

      this song Is so perfect!

    45. YoutubeMayko

      As a athlete i turn up to this ngl

    46. xx Mickgo

      Cardi B message to Offset after sacrificing him ...

    47. Don Piton

      🤮🤮🤮🤮disguting music with no sense

      1. Nadine Canning

        Obviously you r still a boy not a man yet or you wouid understand the lyrics because they make perfect sence dummy

      2. Nadine Canning

        Of course it's a guy who wrote the dumb comment too

      3. Nadine Canning

        No shit go away and keep your shitty opinion to yourself!!!!

      4. Komora

        So don’t listen to it dumbass

    48. chiffon80

      "You lose me u still gone be mis fortunate"....yeah, he lost me💯

    49. VaFaRi Family Strong

      Be Careful With Me🙏

    50. VaFaRi Family Strong

      Be Careful With Me🙏

    51. CloseToAverage

      This is one of three of her songs I would actually call good.

    52. Song Bird 🐦

      Muah 🥰😘😘😘

    53. Song Bird 🐦

      Love you mommas

    54. Intentionally Vegan

      This hit way different when you stand up and remember who the fuck you are!

    55. Miss Cardi B

      Hi bardi gang

    56. Andisiwe Guma

      Rhaaaaaaa le ngoma♨️♨️♨️♥️♥️♥️⭐

    57. Shorty Galindo

      Bro is u still listen to this in 2021 ur bad ass oh and I will be back in 2022 ;)

    58. Zimbili Khumalo

      D:This is my favourite Cardi B song❤🖒🖒😍😍

    59. Merisa Naka'ahiki

      10000000, fire song for every woman

    60. Claudia Garcia


    61. Ju Ju


    62. Kulture Kiari

      Hi bardi gang

    63. Danielle L

      That kill bill reference tho okay cardi I dig it

    64. Aria Emsley

      It’s not a threat it’s a warning

    65. julie lockwood

      Yes I 🎶🎵🎼📢🎤🎶🎵🙏🎼🎶🔥🚦👍🙏

    66. chellesa knowles

      I love it

    67. Mathilde Tanghe

      Omggg just found this piece of art!!!!!!!! Stoned af loooved it we'll see tomorrow

    68. *cheese*

      Ok like why am I soo obsessed with the wedding dress I can’t even 🥲

    69. 60,000 Subscribers With 0 Videos?

      Be careful people, don't let your guard down!

    70. Hephzibah !

      Hello you very special person, On days when you feel low and tired , I hope you'd remember this comment and see that there is a better way to live, there is hope for you. For God so greatly loved and dearly prized the you[world ]that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son, so that You [whoever] believes in (trusts in, clings to, relies on) Him shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost) but have eternal (everlasting) life. John 3:16 AMPC(Paraphrased ) Jesus Christ is coming soon, Please give Him a chance to give your life a meaning and save you you won't regret it! My life is proof! Because they exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, Who is blessed forever! Amen (so be it). [Jer. 2:11.] Romans 1:25 All you need to say is 'Lord Jesus, I repent ,forgive me of my sins. Come be my Lord and personal saviour' And voila ! I trust Him to help you through from here on out. For He will render to every man according to his works [justly, as his deeds deserve]: Love, love you!

    71. Boss_Bre Abrahams

      She's the best. Unique in every way. Love u cardi‼️🤍💙💙💙💙💙💙❤️💙‼️🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍‼️

    72. 08cyrus

      These comments are cringe “it’s her best song ever” She didn’t write it pardison did

      1. Miss Cardi B

        He admits she writes

      2. Hazel Smith

        He co writes with her, pardison admits she writes

      3. Frances Thomas

        They both did

    73. Bababa Hart

      This song should've went to someone else. 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. Miss Cardi B

        @Kayla Neil init, who

      2. Kayla Neil

        Like who lmaooo

      3. Miss Cardi B

        Nah girl

      4. Hazel Smith

        Nope, no one can do it like Cardi. Besides she wrote it herself

    74. Andrea Hill

      Sway 🎵🎶🔔👑💃😀💯👍😇🕯️🎁🕊️🌟✨❤️😍😆💙💃🔔🔔🔔🔔

    75. Brenda


    76. NellyNell B

      I could of did what you did to me a few times .... niggaz really think shit be a game until you leave 😩😩😩

    77. Amelia Petite


    78. Lady T Robinson

      This song tells it just like it is the Truth.

    79. Choosen Kid

      Me when my girlfriend says she had ate without me🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️:

    80. Charnett parterson

      This is so lit bro you can't say that it suck

    81. David Jones

      Ain't nobody fucking with CARDI 👑 period

    82. Kivessah Avudah

      OKAY Cardi B I see you, 🔥!

    83. Hank Moreno

      She's gonna fill in that void but is it worth the boy that she losin.

    84. Yunny Rodriguez

      this song made me bounce back after a divorce, bro I thought I was never gonna get better and I'm 100x better now than I was before 🥰

    85. NorJay

      I can't stand Cardi B. I think she's allowed herself to become pretty... gross honestly... I heard that people heavily criticized this song for being "bad" and that pushed her to make more vulgar crap. Tbh this is one of her most respectable songs. The only song i can actually get through of hers. Other garbage like WAP just makes me vomit. I hope she comes to realize that this is actually decent music, not her other crap. One day. Until then eh.. can't say I'm a fan. But this song is ok

      1. Miss Cardi B

        Get out of her business then

      2. Hazel Smith

        Get off her page then

    86. Swaefy

      2018 hit diff 😕

    87. Jonathan Hollers

      This song is the sh*t!! 💚 Real life she speaking in this song.

    88. Dracula

      Her raping is ok but her singer vice is a lot better.. just me? 🖤

    89. Ju

      this melody gives me brazilian music vibes

    90. El D  laradiacion

      @cardi B 🌟🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🌟💪😁🇺🇸

    91. Suzanne Scodellaro


    92. Courtneysvlogs

      2021 and im still listening to this purr cardi

    93. Carmen Villalovos

      Tell her like it is..,..

    94. sylvia eugenia

      Love her. Song is 100% on it

    95. Tamika Millette

      You're a BAD BITCH!!! Keep it up sis! Much love from Manning, South Carolina by the way of Sumter, South Carolina aka Merk City ❤️😛

    96. Ashley Walters

      CardiB You are Amazing

    97. Ass

      Please 200 million ❤

    98. Auviola

      I think we all know who this song was dedicated to😳

      1. Komora


      2. Miss Cardi B


    99. Crystal Lovinglife

      Your karma is who you end up with, I feel that.