Cardi B x Megan Thee Stallion - Inside the WAP (BTS) [Part 1]

Cardi B

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    Cardi B x Megan Thee Stallion - Inside the WAP [Part 1]
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    გამოქვეყნდა 10 თვის წინ


    1. Vanny Kilo


    2. Nette& Nee

      Lol at Cardi peakimg around the corner to see the 🐍. That looked like the longest walk of her life.

    3. asil soykan


    4. BLΛƆKPIИK ツ blink👀❤


    5. Emarat Kabir

      I was looking for kylie in the scene

    6. sam_playzroblox

      i love when cardi says motivation motivation motivation

    7. CAPO DFC

      Ey ta ganando abinadei

    8. Jose Luis Escareño Alvarado

      Y la parte 2??

    9. Qt Justice

      Can you carry me girl oh I’m amazing children has it all in because you’re going to be on video yup it OK what her leave he

    10. Eric Greitens

      I I wanna work with you

    11. Helsdo bueno Fachero macaco

      I LOVE 😍

    12. Jaylen Marie


    13. stop.

      2:26 YES!!

    14. Anna Caroline Barreto Barbosa


    15. ✨chickpea✨

      Cardi calling the snake a bad bitch is everything. 😂

    16. Shannon Feathers

      Such a hard worker

    17. Dee Love

      Cardi B is just so positive, fun-loving, inspiring, down-to-earth person. She treats everyone equally and with humility ♥

    18. iJxshyi

      1:56 we can see her kitty

    19. UrLocalSensitiveBlackGirl

      Cardi, girl we gotta talk about WAP bts part 2

    20. Christian Reid

      normani & cardi really came full circle ⭕️


      Black pink and bts

    22. Reda Abu Yunis

      لو عايز تهكر أى شبكة واى فاى قريبة منك وتفتح منها نت - جرب الطريقة دى وهتدعيلى - افتح متصفح جوجل واكتب فى البحث 70mps هتدخل اول موقع تحط اسم الشبكة هيظهرلك الباسورد

    23. ꧁ϻажімυѕ꧂

      Part 2 plissssss

    24. Steven Jordan

      Mark my words.

    25. Steven Jordan

      50 million or you all die.

    26. Steven Jordan

      Pay with cash now or your lives later.

    27. Steven Jordan

      I want my extortion money.

    28. Steven Jordan

      Better find a way to get me my money.

    29. Steven Jordan

      All yall better figure it out.

    30. Steven Jordan

      Send me a bank card.

    31. Steven Jordan

      I'm already going to see my people.

    32. Steven Jordan

      I want my extortion money.

    33. XoKingofNYoX Vlogz

      Bro i like both of them

    34. 生生

      No part 2 ?)

    35. The Golden Trio

      Still waiting on a part two almost a year later 😐

    36. Vane Cubides

      With Cardi since the beginning and with Cardi forever ❤❤❤❤.

    37. Maria Fernanda Niño Delgado

      Cardi hablando en español supremacy 1:44


      Normani now make a video song whit cardi b ❤️

    39. Eddy's World

      no make up ... not very beautiful

    40. Eddy's World

      urata esti nemacheata


      Есть тут русские причем тут бтс плиз подскажите

    42. Zanele Tsholo

      Wow cardi B songs

    43. Daniel Paulino

      still waiting for part II

    44. Lara Ljubez

      I can’t believe that there is actually someone who is shorter than me 😂 I have heard that Cardi B is like 160 cm tall while I am also only 165 cm 😕

    45. Anees Anees

      Where is kylie?

    46. Jaylen

      mommy I’ll WALK up the stairs after I turn off the lights for u🙁

    47. Kim Salwa

      اللي جاب BTS

    48. Lucy Ramirez


    49. hey my pieces of joy

      Its cardi sayin motivation,motivation

    50. Ivan Carlos

      Part 2????!!!!!!!

    51. akcm rmacmc


    52. Skye Glover

      I want to be a rapper like you

    53. Skye Glover

      My mom let me watch this and I am eight years old and I love your videos can you teach me how to rap please

    54. The bad b

      Where part 2

      1. GamingWithDan


    55. my dab

      Ngl Cardi's red and black hair looks fire

    56. Winter

      *inside the wap* Let that sink in

    57. Doll Lies


    58. мőőиłigнт тæ#300olmakisteyen

      Bts ? Oww

    59. Cousins channel

      Cardi B: scared of snakes Video: In one of the scenes is with snakes and Cardi B

    60. Isulan Joemar

      she is just so nice

    61. Pamela Scott

      Ryan's world mommy

    62. Алла Шулындина

      Cardi B, you're pretty, when I play your song Wap i dance it ❤️😊

    63. Javiiob X

      Wheree iss the part 2???

    64. Amelia Dhanowa

      They look like sister

    65. -Draco Electric-

      I thought BTS was the boy band but its just behind-the-scenes Lol

    66. Plantenbak

      How is this allowed on GEproms

      1. Plantenbak

        @Micanda its litterally the same thing as belle delphine

      2. Micanda

        This is a dumb comment

    67. Make edits

      Que bien qu bien

    68. ItsVictoriaYt Frazier

      I thought those snakes were dead or fake. Boy was I wrong

    69. Tiffany Thompson


    70. Cleo de Nile ears


    71. Wesley Odiase

      When is she bringung out the second part?

    72. Cristina Nuñez

      Y Rosalía?

    73. série club officiel

      6:33 : NORMANI DANCE BTS

    74. série club officiel

      0:58 : DANCE CARDI B

    75. Zeena

      What is BTS???????

      1. Layla Leila

        B-ehind T-he S-cene

    76. RobloxPanda

      01:27 am i seeing this wrong?

    77. kidseverything myworld jasmine


    78. Shawana K #GZY

    79. Stella Pinder

      Queen cardi B❤️😍

    80. rottinguranium


    81. Jaheem Wilson

      Is there a pt 2

    82. Real World

      She looks totally different without the makeup

    83. 5HPCars


    84. Elsa Rose


    85. KathyAV8AV8 Vo


    86. KathyAV8AV8 Vo

      9:31 HELL NAH

    87. Nezuko Uzumaki

      No entendi ni verga pero esta chevere el video detras de camara, te amo Carbi B

      1. Leo Hernandez

        Jsjsjs same, ahora a esperar la parte 2 😟

    88. 竈門炭治郎


    89. Anxrchy Playz

      No one : Me : being in elementary school wanting a wap hoodie

    90. bu seni hiç alakadar etmez


      1. Leo Hernandez

        B: Behind T: The S: Scenes

    91. Water


    92. Mavis Wu

      Where’s kyliee

    93. Moonlight


    94. Lexical Fantasia

      Cardi B is so pretty wothout makeup

    95. It's wolf6 gaming

      This was film on my bday July,6,2020 when I was 10 in this year I'm finna be 11 this

    96. Berlys Familia

      Algún dominicano???😂😂

      1. Leo Hernandez

        No pero si latino🖐

    97. Berlys Familia

      Algún dominicano???😂😂

    98. Bakugou katsuki

      She don’t have nails...she has goddamn claws

    99. Renee Likes

      Director is mine😂