Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It [Official Lyric Video]

Cardi B

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    Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin - I Like It from Cardi B's Debut Album Invasion of Privacy available now!

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    Animation by Catherine Owens ( versacevers... )

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    1. Georgia Emsley

      BARDI GANG!! IOP is at #142 on billboard, keep streaming!! Spending its 172nd week on chart.

    2. Georgia Emsley


    3. Georgia Emsley

      BARDI GANG!! IOP is on its 171th week on billboard 200, it’s at #133, last it it was at #125, keep streaming!!

    4. Georgia Emsley


    5. Victoria Martin

      This song is underrated

    6. Дима Азаров

      Кто сюда пришёл после плагиата инстассанки?

    7. Once bwonjruuu

      Is she's say's halal😍

    8. TheIdiotJerseyite

      It's all fun and games until 0:07

    9. Yanki Lemberger

      Si T'es un vrai bardi like❤❤❤

    10. Cierria Mahr

      She look ugly as fuck with the yellow wig disguise and the face she was making. However! She is a cute girl

    11. Bre and Riah 4Ever

      Shake my head

    12. Autumn Jones


    13. Marcelia Bezerra

      I Love you cardi b

    14. Jailyne sessou Kayemba


    15. sᴍᴏʟ ʙᴇᴀɴ

      I cant stop watching dis omfg👁🐽👁

    16. Im NoT ShY

      Her Head is killing me AHGACFGWAHHSHDGWT


      CARDI B!!💚💜💛💙❤️ & BAD BUNNY!!❤️💙 & J BALVIN!!❤️💙...

    18. Norbert Heincz


    19. poka po


      1. Ka Rina


      2. poka po


    20. IneffableHusbandsIsbest Change my mind


    21. Rose World

      Yes girl flex on them bitches as hard is you can

    22. carlos frias

      Hi cardi b

    23. Oliwia Weronika Tańska

      I like it

    24. YT_ Ave

      Bro I haven’t heard this song in ages

    25. Anko-Chan

      eh vamos de música da cardi no Natal neh kaka

    26. PontT. da Police

      0:00 Cardi B is Ghiaccio from Jojo ......??

    27. {lisa}

      Love you

    28. Baka


    29. Jhosclaudys falcon

      Esta Música 💗💗💗💞

    30. Jhosclaudys falcon


    31. Jhosclaudys falcon

      ADORO 💞

    32. KD KD

      I.can dj mixe you song with money 😎

    33. Кабан UA

      I should be doing my homework!

    34. Hi, it’s me

      Why ain’t nobody talking about the tiny head 💅🏾

    35. Look at me

      Инстасамка в деле😅🔥

    36. HIGHTvolt


    37. H H

      . again

    38. its_ur._. girl_sheyre

      Okay I get it! I'm litterly the only one here in 2020....quarantine got me listening to old songs

    39. Qalid Qasim

      Cardi b: "hotter than Somali" Somali people: .......

      1. Qalid Qasim

        That's crazy

      2. Qalid Qasim


    40. Elaine Downs

      call the firefighters bc this song is burning 🔥🔥😍🥰😘😘

    41. Eder

      Só tem gringo aki hahaha BrasiL e melhor

    42. 저도Nayeon_mygirl


    43. agenor de Sousa

      somebody in 2020

    44. Adrian Gonzalez

      Cardi B es una mamiiiiiiiiii🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    45. Eloybit Linares

      Alguien habla español????? ;-; o solo yo?

      1. 𖥻 。🧺  ᴴᵉⁿ ᴴᵉⁿ ☾⃝࠭!?

        Não 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷✨

    46. VW erobraini o Fusca 79

      😂😂😂l like 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    47. Amariah Ford

      Cardl b I like your hair and your kid❤️❤️❤️❤️

    48. Alex Jones

      j balvin burger.

      1. Luara Mariane

        Mc Donald"s

    49. xx charlie fanxx

      Okrrrrrrrrrrt eoooooww so goood


    51. 솔직한사람

      I like the movement of her head♡

    52. Asmr Apple Lover

      Yesssss Girlllll Go Vegan World Vegan Fur

    53. Klaudio Kociu

      who listen right now 2020

    54. •glamannaシ


    55. Hao Nguyen

      Cardi B is the best

    56. _Heiwa-chan_

      Видео я тебя искала искала и здалась набираю другую песню и выскакивает это и я думаю хмм и я опять одна русская

    57. Alicia Pate

      Vn n FCC

    58. soupnatik

      ahh back in the old days when Cardi B actually made good music now she has umm WAP and umm its pretty trash

    59. King101

      cardi hotter than a somali

    60. Fun With Pushkal

      Bitch I need the dollas

    61. Apps Boy

      Just Won't Change(Lyrics) written and sang by Black Donald J

    62. pritu_i_am_your

      You're so loving yaar😍✌️😘

    63. Viki ASMR

      Love you cardi b your the beste rapper🤧😭😂❤️✌🏾

      1. Viki ASMR

        FireeIcee101 the fuck i don't care about you wat think en if sche's trach like you said wat are you doing here bardi 4ever okerrre

      2. soupnatik

        not anymore she used to be now she's pretty trash

    64. Alice John ok

      I love you cardib 😗😙😙☺️🤗😘😍

    65. nevaeh's gaming channel

      U go gurl

    66. Beyoncé

      Finally I can understand what Bad Bunny is saying

    67. Annabel Swink

      You're no one to look up to. You drugged men and stole from them. You are no better than the men getting #metoo!! Two wrongs don't make a right!! Didn't have a choice? You stripped and then stole from men after drugging them so you could get famous. YOU have no excuses. Get a job. Period. If you don't want to be a stripper get another job. Stealing from people men or women doesn't matter in this case, you drugged and robbed people like a temptress, and got away with it and now you're famous? Yeah famous for being a criminal who's music will not be welcome in my home. I don't promote trash I promote class. If you're reading this, and you agree that all sex aside, when someone drugs and steals to get ahead, they should be punished for it. If any one of us citizens got caught doing this, the legal system would not hesitate to lock us up. Famous people are not immune. Do something justice system, don't let another Bill Cosby be free.

      1. soupnatik

        @shook birch is the trees I don't mine cuz my house is oak

      2. Annabel Swink

        Also, you ruined a good song. Cardi's version is not's more like it... "She likes drugging, she likes taking, she likes stealing, she's likes faking, she likes cheating to the top, while those poor dudes wallets drop. Get a Get a Get a job, stripping, stealing, sloppy, slob. You get none of my support, hope to see you soon in court. Hope they never let her out, Straight up trash without a doubt!

    68. RMS Titanic • 109 years ago •

      1:15. Me on December 1

    69. Ashley De Mota

      omg I Love this songs😍😍😍😍😍

    70. PsychoNikki

      Any one also Arabian and thought she's been saying 'I like going to the (effing) CHULA (oven)'?

    71. Nguyễn Thị Kim Ngân

      It makes me wanna dance

    72. Euphen Jemmy

      Good song but I can write better

    73. Ashlea Morrie

      I can’t focus on the lyrics 😆 i focused on her bouncing head instead 😂

    74. Jostin Perla

      Queen of RAP ❤️

    75. Jennifer Mohoi


    76. Donna Kiernan

      When this is the song for a Tesco add lmaoooo

    77. Frost Bite

      This song goes extra hard

    78. Garkas Sovetkali

      Oooo class su👍👌⭐⭐⭐🌹🌟

    79. Bailey-May Walker

      I thought it was Diamond district in the jag

    80. Toranda Riouse

      Who are you

      1. Toranda Riouse

        You can do the cell where

    81. Colado

      Eating halalala

    82. Freya Gordon

      TikTok cheeeck

    83. Theo Lampro

      love you cardiiiiii

    84. Donald Carlson

      Play the song i like the way you fuck me

    85. Miu

      _Hot Tamale..._

    86. Unique_aala

      Happy birthday cardi ❤️❤️

    87. Jazzy's Art


    88. Txypical.bric3ida

      Anyone in 2019??

      1. Kiana R

        you didn’t know what was coming to you 😭

    89. dbevans1328😀

      Who else got brainwashed by the background and lyrics

    90. Acid_Shotz

      Zz nnmboub m,m,nom mais limite,k n. Vick ..nnbhjjjjhhjhnhhb bah mn .. Nnhhkjbbhbbbbn Nnnnmmmmmm Mn Hobby NnnnjjI see you less expensive ice cream screen and go see Scarlet OK good luck bitchl.xkkooskkosols,d,lily,.slsls,,dispels,d Siidjdmxomsksk Mdmxmsokxmd Jjsmxmxk Kidd,c, Md,xmcm

    91. Socorro Valencia

      I love you cardi b I like your songs so much you are the best and greatest singer

    92. Ye ye Nibba

      Nicki better

    93. BigLEXX


    94. Adriartieworks


    95. Adriartieworks


    96. Adriartieworks


    97. moonlight tv

      thanks to all your comments, I practice more informal English

    98. moonlight tv

      Ya callate bad bunny

    99. The Stuff Master Cabrera

      I loveeeeeee you soooooo much cardi b you dont no how much😄😄😄😁😁😁☺️😊😊☺️😊🤗

    100. Gary Grafton

      I really like it😁